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Allowing Yourself to Have What You Really Want Attunement with Dr. Alison J. Kay

Allowing Yourself to Have What You Really Want Attunement with Dr. Alison J. Kay

Three Payments of $600.00

By purchasing this special attunement, you will be taken to new levels – whilst a spiritual experience, you’ll also have the material benefits that you seek as a result.

This attunement:

  • Brings you good luck & good fortune

  • Blesses you on your path to having what you want in a way that delights you

  • Clears out potential, “random” external obstacles

  • Clears out potential internal obstacles

  • Clears inner resistance to actually having what you want in a joyous way that works for you

  • Clears deep blocks (self-worth, self-sabotage, etc…)

  • Removes the negative perceptions your ego-mind & system have that affect possible bad things showing up in your life in some way

  • Breaks you through your limits in ways that are delightful for you

  • Clears your conscience, unconscious & subconscious beliefs, storylines, conclusions that create the self-sabotage to having what you want, i.e. those “yah, buts” “I want this, yah but…” because you will see ways that work for you

This attunement will not conflict with anything else you are doing or cause side effects..

Once you pay, the attunement begins to be sent via Source. Once Dr. Alison sees that you’ve paid, a vast boost will be added.

Also, once we receive your payment, within 24 hours (except if it’s the weekends or a holiday, it may take longer) you will receive an audio that explains how this all works, to help you make the most of your attunement.

Within approx. month’s time, Dr. Alison will reach out to you to schedule a complimentary 15 min attunement follow up call to assess how you’ve done with the receiving & retention of your attunement. Depending on how that goes, she’ll also offer you a boost to your attunement.

Please refer back to the email to see what you’ll receive in full detail.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

$600.00 every month for 3 payments
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