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Breaking the Momentum of Undesired Patterns with Dr. Alison J. Kay

Breaking the Momentum of Undesired Patterns

Single Payment of $47.00

Attune to THE field of unlimited possibilities to manifest, as if by magic.

Each block has a family of beliefs that come with it and Dr. Alison is able to release all of these, including karmic elements, deep trauma, and ancestral lineage.

What You’ll Get With This Offering…

  • Discover how to live, believe & act with a sense of inevitability NOT hopeful fantasy

  • Learn the process to let go of the past and allow the past to let go of you so you can be free to be all you can

  • Clearings using Neurology, Consciousness and Subtle Energy that keep the old pattern entrenched

  • All the resources, opportunities, synchronicities, miraculous interventions, guidance, grace, support, nourishment, love, protection and courage to act at the right time

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Stellar Confidence

Clearings and activations to overcome and be rid of old deep interwoven subconsious patterns of “low self-esteem”, feeling “not enough”, overwhelm, and defeat within your energy field from this life, past life, and ancestral lineage PLUS more!!!

Super charge your confidence to finally ACTIVATE YOUR ALIGNMENT with yourself for EASE and STRENGTH to simply manifest whatever you desire

Tigress Roar

Clearings and activations to REMOVE the WEAK HABITAL PATTERNS of your past conditioning that sap you from your true power to THRIVE during these turbulent times

Establish your connection with the TIGRESS POWER to become UNSTOPPABLE in achieving anything you desire in your life

Stop Self Sabotage & Manifest From The New Energies

Clear a persistent stubborn pattern has gained that has been sabotaging your desired results in your money, relationship, career, and/or health.

Receive frequencies that then align you more with your heart desires to manifest and thrive even during these challenging times on the planet.

​Step into the new energy that is wanting to come in to serve you and everything now because your vibration determines your results.

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