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Shine Attunement with Dr. Alison J. Kay

Shine Attunement with Dr. Alison J. Kay

Three Payments of $733.33

By purchasing this Shine Attunement, you will be Deeply Embodying, Grounding & Strengthening your soul, heart and spirit’s Presence, so you can shine & move into your greatest flourishing.

You will have installed within you these aspects, that are gifts that keep on giving, continually building on themselves, as these attunements work:

  • Increasing your light quotient

  • Clearing deep blocks so you can handle more light & shine brighter

  • Clearing deep traumas & blocks that have caused you to withdraw parts of yourself & tuck your tenderness & vulnerability away

  • Dissolving the shields & barriers You have invoked to keep you protected from negativity & interference that are actually blocking you from your Advancement & Progress on your path

  • Turning ON & Strengthening Your light, raising & UPgrading your vibration via all of this, so this acts as the organic and functional, optimized “protection” in these times

  • This includes placing into your field a growing violet flame and merkabah – two of the most ancient spiritual technologies, updated & upgraded for these times so that you have powerful transmutative technologies to ground in these two most potent technologies to take care of burning up negative forces & install around you one of the most potent light quotient builders that surround you with divine light, whilst deflecting & taking care of for you the deflection and transmutation of fear based frequencies & negativity & interference

  • Calling back your soul’s Presence because that’s your foundational power

  • Grounding back in your soul & spirit so instead of You hovering above or around your body, you’re Here With Presence

  • Clearing where you’ve become entrenched and habituated to interference & you expect it, and fending off darkness and lower vibrational energies has been keeping more of your focus

  • Clearing out the resultant distorted perception from that interference

  • Re-attuning You to the true reality that all is LOVE

  • Strengthening your connection to the Unconditionally Loving support that’s all around us – and you now

  • Increasing Your capacity to perceive & connect with this force of unconditional Love & Support all around you

  • Being able to Be Here Now

  • Strengthening your connection to the multidimensional, metaphysical expansiveness of zero point, where all creation happens so you can co-create with WAY less efforting

This attunement will not conflict with anything else you are doing or cause side effects..

Once you pay, the attunement begins to be sent via Source. Once Dr. Alison sees that you’ve paid, a vast boost will be added.

Also, once we receive your payment, within 24 hours (except if it’s the weekends or a holiday, it may take longer) you will receive an audio that explains how this all works, to help you make the most of your attunement.

Within approx month’s time, Dr. Alison will reach out to you to schedule a complimentary 15 min attunement follow up call to assess how you’ve done with the receiving & retention of your attunement. Depending on how that goes, she’ll also offer you a boost to your attunement.

Please refer back to the email to see what you’ll receive in full detail.

This attunement will not conflict with anything else you are doing or cause side effects.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

$733.33 every month for 3 payments
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